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LenStock.com, is a business-to-business web site allowing Eye Care Professionals
the ability to quickly and easily order stock lenses from various manufacturers.
Billing is done by sponsor laboratories allowing existing ECP-Lab relationships
to continue while lenses are direct shipped from the warehouse.
Quick and easy ordering - Competitive pricing.
LenStock.com allows easy reordering of lenses by simply scanning the package barcode.
Don't have the bar code? No problem, just point and click on the items you wish
to order. LenStock.com is the easiest and quickest way to order stock lenses!
Real-Time stock levels.
By seeing what is actually in stock at the warehouse, you may select
a different compatible lens to meet your patients need. This prevents
possible long back orders.
Free inventory management.
LenStock.com has an optional built in inventory management system that can be used
free of charge by our customers. It's a full-featured, perpetual inventory management
program; complete with minimum and maximum reorder limits.

You will never have to manually count or approximate the value of your stock lens
inventory again. Real time reporting shows Lenses On Hand, Lenses On Order and Lens
Usage History. Purchasing an equivalent software package could easily cost several
thousand dollars.
LenStock lens sales is limited to Eye Care Professionals only.
We do not sell to the general public and for this reason, you must
Register to view pricing.
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